New Voices in Portuguese Translation Studies IV

NOVA/FCSH, online only, 4-5th February 2021


In the light of the current health situation, we have taken the decision to host the Symposium completely on line this year. The links will be made available the day before the event to everyone that has registered (you can register here).

New Voices in Portuguese Translation Studies IV

Welcome to the fourth edition of our graduate symposium, New Voices in Portuguese Translation Studies, designed to offer a platform where students of Translation and Translation Studies can develop their presentation skills in a safe environment.

The conference is part of a broader initiative to develop Translation Studies in Portugal by offering a support framework for young researchers who might wish to go on to pursue a career in the field. For this reason, we are committed providing constructive feedback to any presenters that specifically request it, as well as offering assistance with preparing papers for subsequent publication.

We are pleased to welcome 34 young researchers from around Portugal and beyond, who will be speaking, in English and in Portuguese, on a range of translation-related issues. Subjects include descriptive studies of literary translations done in different periods and geographical locations; reflections on the theory and practice of translation and interpreting in different domains and from different perspectives; audiovisual and intersemiotic translation; feminist and postcolonial translation, and translator ethics.   

The programme will open with a Keynote Lecture by Prof.  Şebnem Susam-Saraeva of the University of Edinburgh), who, as well as being an internationally respected scholar, is also an experienced translator and interpreter, working primarily between Turkish and English. In this lecture she will give us some insights into the world of translation and interpreting in maternal healthcare contexts, focusing on ethical and feminist issues.

Anyone is welcome to attend this conference and participate in the debate sessions following each paper, but you must register in advance in order to receive the links. We look forward to seeing you on the 4th February.


Karen Bennett (FSCH/CETAPS)
Hanna Pieta (FCSH/CETAPS)
Marco Neves (FCSH/CETAPS)
David Hardisty (FSCH/CETAPS)
Richard Sidaway (FCSH/CETAPS)
Diogo Domingos (FCSH)
Adriana Colaço (FCSH)
Beatriz Ladeira (FCSH)


Cármen África Vidal (U. Salamanca)
Daniel Linder (U. Salamanca)
Elena Galvão (FLUP/CETAPS)
Gabriela Gândara (FCSH/CETAPS)
Hephzibah Israel (U. Edinburgh)
Isabel Branco (FCSH)
Maria Teresa Roberto (UA)
Rosário Ruano (U. Salamanca)
Rute Costa (FCSH/CETAPS)
Şebnem Susam-Saraeva (U. Edinburgh)


Translation and interpreting in maternal healthcare contexts: ethical and feminist issues – Prof. Şebnem Susam-Saraeva(U. Edinburgh)

This lecture focuses on translation and interpreting in maternal and neonatal healthcare, particularly from a feminist perspective with regard to translation and women’s health. First, issues arising from linguistic and cultural incongruences in perinatal care are briefly discussed, with a focus on possible solutions, including more widespread, careful and efficient use of interpreting within maternity services. The lecture then presents scenarios in which the students will be invited to think about certain ethical issues regarding translation and interpreting within the context of (maternal) health. In the final part of the lecture, possible avenues of impact will be presented, with a view to encouraging the students to think about how they can make their research relevant outside the academia (e.g. to public/private/third sector).  

Şebnem Susam-Saraeva

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Şebnem Susam-Saraeva is a Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. Her research interests have included gender and translation, retranslations, translation of literary and cultural theories, research methodology in translation studies, internationalization of the discipline, translation and popular music, translation and social movements, and translation and maternal & neonatal health. She is the author of Translation and Popular Music. Transcultural Intimacy in Turkish-Greek Relations (2015) and Theories on the Move. Translation’s Role in the Travels of Literary Theories (2006), and guest-editor of Translation and Music (2008) and Non-Professionals Translating and Interpreting. Participatory and Engaged Perspectives (2012, with Luis Pérez-González). Susam-Saraeva’s literary translations into Turkish include Kazuo Ishiguro’s 1989 Booker Prize Winner The Remains of the Day (1993), which went into its 13th reprint in 2020. She is also the winner of PEN Wales Translation Challenge 2017 with her poetry translation from Küçük İskender.  


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The Symposium is free of charge and open to anyone from the academic community and beyond.

However, all participants must formally register for the event in order to receive the links necessary to attend. In addition to name, affiliation and academic status, presenters should also indicate the title of their paper, and whether they wish to receive feedback on their presentations.

Registration will also entitle you to a certificate of attendance.

The registration form can be found here.


Nervous about presenting your research work for the first time?

We are running a couple of sessions for anyone who wants to practise delivering their presentation before the conference on February 4th. The initial workshop will provide some suggestions for content and delivery and the second session will provide the opportunity to do a full run through of your paper and receive feedback.

Please bring any powerpoint/Google Slides/Prezi material you have already prepared. You will get some useful tips, hear ideas and a chance to practise and improve your presentation from experienced tutors. The sessions will be given in English but you can practise in either English or Portuguese – the language of your presentation.

Input workshop 1

  • Date: Tues 2 Feb 
  • Time: 14:00

Workshop 2

  • Date: Wed 3 Feb
  • Time: 14:00

Place: Online via zoom

Register here: